Follow my journey ...
Shape your body to the max
Follow my journey ...
Shape your body to the max
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About Debbie

After 8 beautiful years of Triathlon I decided to take a new challenge in life.
My new passion: fitness ... !!!

Crossover Triathlon to Bodybuilding

After 8 years of long distance triathlon, I reached my ultimate goal, doing the world championship Ironman in Hawaii

Personal trainer

As a personal trainer, my main goal is to motivate and inspire others


No matter how long it takes, no matter what obstacles I have to conquer.. Keep your focus !

Fitness / Bodybuilding

But what after this? I needed a new challenge! As I loved training at the gym, I decided to give bodybuilding a try


In my mind I am never satisfied, I am always hungry. Hungry to get better, hungry to move forward, hungry to challenge myself. The instinct of a lioness !

Reach Goals

Take on board who helps you to reach your goals, and let go of whatever holds you back